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Our performance has exceeded projections resulting in an exceptionally high re-investment rate.

We believe that Medical Office Buildings (MOB) located in areas of high growth and demand, together with an ageing population, provide continuous, stable, and growing cash flows in most economic conditions. It has relatively low vacancy risks, long-term leases and reliable tenants.

Investment Exposure

The buildings that we acquire are offered in separate legal structures so you have piece of mind that your investment exposure is limited to the building that you have selected to invest in.

Due Diligence

All the information that we obtain during the due diligence process is disclosed on the platform and shared in the PPM or Property Supplement and the investment brochure.


Once we have established your investment status we will make the offer documents available to you. While we prefer accredited investors we are able to make limited offers to smaller investors across Israel.

Investors have the choice of investing in a listed security via the MERJ exchange, or, if you are an accredited US citizen or have an accredited Company or LLC, you can invest directly into the USA through our broker dealer.


Liron Mazor - Real Estate Investment Consultant
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Liron Mazor

For over 19 years, Liron Mazor has been an internationally recognized wealth management expert. Liron is the former host of a popular personal finance show on Chai FM radio and is the founder of Greengrass Wealth Management, Dealfo, and Soulful Money.

Liron has been honored with multiple awards for his contributions to the investment services industry. He holds a Bcom Honours and International CFP qualification.

Liron Mazor provides customized, tax-efficient wealth and retirement planning strategies for high-net-worth individuals and their families, emphasizing long-term, sustainable growth. He has spent the last year creating a course that focuses on the fundamentals of wealth creation, focusing on the practical, spiritual, and metaphysical fundamentals of financial independence. He is currently most passionate about the work he is doing with OrbVest Israel, introducing qualified international investors to commercial health care real estate investment opportunities in the United States.

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